Sunday, 9 March 2014

New Collection : Claudia Dress with 3 series

Alhamdulillah after quite long with no new updates, finally we come with our new collection Claudia Dress with 3 Series! Claudia Dress represents a formal lady suits for you wants to potray a classy image. Alternatively it can be wear for casual outing for a more edgy look!
We have 3 series of Claudia Dress which are Claudia Luxe Plain, Claudia Jewels & Claudia Shimmer.
. InshaAllah we will guarantee that you will never regret by wear this dress that can't hide your style.
  This dress size available from S to XL sizes!  Yeah!  Choose your size and you can wear it during this lovely dress for any occasion. Hope you girls enjoy it!
Price :
Claudia Luxe Plain: 

RM 190 Excluding postage
Claudia Jewels :
RM 230 Excluding postage
Claudia Shimmer :
RM 260 Excluding postage
Material :
Garbedine ( non transparent,non sheer material,non stretchable and very comfy )
 Postage fee:

RM 6 
RM 8 ( Sabah & Sarawak )
Measurement Chart

 Claudia Luxe Plain

Claudia Jewels

Claudia Shimmer

Model is wearing Claudia Shimmer in S size

Model / Talent Syaheera Abd Wahab
Photographed and Edited by Asbesstos Photography
To order:
Please email us with  size to our email with subject " Claudia Dress Luxe Plain / Jewels or Shimmer " to :

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