Monday, 9 September 2013

New updates : High Cuff Abaya Dress


For this update we want to put something new for your lovely day!
High Cuff Abaya Dress represents our modesty style but still looks elegant with its loose and flare cut.
As you know we as a muslimah are encouraged to wear something that loose,simple and still can cover your bodies thus giving us ideas to put high cuff in the wrist.
InshaAllah we will guarantee that you will never regret by wear this dress that can't hide your style.

Stocks are very limited. Only 5 colours available for this design.Choose your favorite colour wisely girls!

Measurement ( inches ")

S size :

Dress length : 54'
Chest : 36'
Waist : 33.5'
Shoulder : 15'
Sleeve length : 23'

M size :

Dress length : 55'
Chest : 38'
Waist : 36'
Shoulder : 16'
                                                                Sleeve length : 23.5' 

Price :

RM 155 including postage

Material :

High quality satin with button in the wrist
Soft smooth and neatly tailored.Super comfortable material which flows smoothly.
Suitable for nursing which have hide zip in the chest 

Colour : Emerald green

 S : Available
M : Available 

Only this colour dont have hide zip for nursing

Colour : Royal Blue

 S : Available
M : Available 

Colour : Dusty peach

S : Available
M : Available

Colour : Bronze
S : Available
                                                                     M : Available

Colour : Grey
S : Available
                                                                     M : Available

Model / Talent Zetty / Intan & Syaheera
Photographed and Edited by Asbesstos Photography
Make up done by Intan Nuraisyah
Styling by ZefiksCollection team

To order:

Please email us with colour code and size to our email with subject " High Cuff Abaya Dress " :

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Alhamdulillah dan terima kasih atas sokongan anda terhadap koleksi Hi Lo Ruffles Cardigan kami yang sebelum ini. Setelah menerima banyak pandangan dan cadangan dari anda, kami telah mengeluarkan Hi Lo Ruffles Cardigan dengan wajah baru dan juga material yang berlainan yang lebih berkualiti. Ia di beri nama SOFEA HI-LO CARDIGAN.

HargaRM 89  | tidak termasuk harga pos |
RM 6 - Semenanjung Malaysia
RM 8 - Sabah & Sarawak
Material : High Quality Satin

Ukuran :  Dada - 38 inci
                    Pinggang - 36 inci
                              Panjang tangan - 23 inci
               Bahu - 15 inci
                       Labuh baju - 48 inci

Size : Free size (fit until L)

Warna : Ocean Blue + Peach
*warna yang ditunjukkan dalam gambar mungkin tidak 100% sama dengan warna asal atas beberapa faktor seperti cahaya dan sebagainya.Harap maklum.*

Model / Talent Zetty & Intan
Photographed and Edited by Asbesstos Photography
Make up done by Intan Nuraisyah
Styling by ZefiksCollection team

Berminat? boleh email kami di dengan subject "SOFEA CARDIGAN"